Happy Halloween from the Soirée Team!

We had so much fun at the Carasco Halloween party last week!  A haunted bus tour, (tricks and) treats from Boutique Bites and Truffle Truffle, a dance floor and…of course…the Shutterbooth Photo booth!

Here are some of our favorites from that night!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Can you tell what our costume was?

Did you dress up? if so – as what?

What was your all time favorite costume?


A perfect pairing

There are moments when I take a second and admit, “Wow, I LOVE my job!”. That happened Wednesday not once, but multiple times.  I had the pleasure of attending a lunch at Kitchen Chicago, premiering the launch of Boutique Bars – a new delicious line of miniature bites that somehow pack all the flavor of your favorite desserts into a one inch cube . The collaboration is the genius brain-child of Chef Elaina Vazquez of Boutique Bites (who made the adorable TV diner inspired plates for our 80’s inspired shoot!) and Chef Nicole Greene of truffle truffle, the mouthwatering treats we can’t get enough of.

Since the entire event was to test out their new Boutique Bars venture, I could just skip to the last course, but the food was equally memorable. The highlight for me was the soup and salad trio: 3 mindfully matched colorful pairs, including the summer corn soup with a avocado lobster elote salad (a table favorite). We were given the choice of 3 entrees: one of Elaina’s favorites “Steak and Eggs”, Miso Glazed Cod, and a Summer Vegetable Risotto. After a cocktail, passed apps, a glass of wine, and an amazing main course, I didn’t think I would be able to try even one of the boutique bars. But then the plate came out, and I recognized one more part to their genius plan: No one No woman can turn down a dessert so small and delectable. Evil geniuses!

These ladies proved that quality over quantity wins every time! As a girl who can dig into a massive sundae, I was impressed. Who knew you could pack so much flavor into that tiny bite sized bar? Imagine a layer of fleur de sel shortbread, salted caramel, and topped with milk chocolate crema – they dubbed it “Twix bar”. But they could’ve called it “Fall backwards off your chair that’s so damn good Bar”. The five bars (pictured above) rounded out an amazing lunch and successful launch for Elaina and Nicole.

Those two nailed it – Bulls eye! And that’s what happens when the perfect pair comes together. They create something greater than what they could do alone. Elaina and Nicole already have mastered the craft on their own, but the merging of those two women brought on a whole new kind of foodgasm.

It reminded me of what happens when the perfect marriage occurs. The equation needs two people, who when paired together create something beyond themselves as individuals. I’ve seen it time and time again, and you know when you see one of those couples. They aren’t perfect, and neither is their marriage. But when they are together, they create magic. And that’s what makes this biz so incredible…we get to honor those perfect pairings coming together! It’s such a joy to celebrate the “mash up” of two incredible souls, and hey throw in some of those boutique bars and you’ve got yourself one incredible wedding! Congrats to Elaina and Nicole’s “can’t resist” new line.

Happy Pairings,

Rebecca Niziol – Associate Coordinator

Flowers by Fleur, Menu by Elizabeth Grace, space design by Art of Imagination