Peonies and Waterford

This morning (and every Saturday morning in the summer) I braved the crowds and headed to Green City Market in Lincoln Park.
I like to get there early, before the peonies are all picked over and it gets too hot.
Bowie’s dog pack is very helpful, as she totes all the honey crisp apples, kale, asparagus and fresh baked bread we can fit in there! What can I say, the dog likes to work!
So I usually come home with bags of fresh flowers- so my dilemma always is..what vases to use?!
I decided to pull out one of our Waterford pitchers we received as a wedding gift. This one worked perf for the lovely array of fragrant peonies I snagged up today!

Don’t know what to do with some of those wedding gifts that seem too nice to use for every day? Or did u receive duplicates like I did? (I’m in luck if I ever serve fresh iced tea and martinis in the same day!)
Well.. Here’s your answer. Now head to the farmers market and go get some fresh local flowers to display all over your place!


Enjoy! Xo-tm

girl meets blog

Welcome to Soirée‘s blog!

Come take a trip along with me into the world of weddings, parties, events and even everyday life! I am event planner by day and an event planner by night.  I am always up to thinking, planning or scheming some “thing”!

Here I hope to share with my followers everything from inspirations, ideas and designs to tips and tricks of the trade as well as my own personal thoughts and opinions.  That sounds like a lot – but a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I promise to excite you with tons of fun and fantastic photos!

This is one of my favorite photos!  Going forward, you may notice several pics of my kids…these two clowns – Coco (the cat) and Bowie (the dog).  This shot was taken in my office next to my desk and I managed to capture this at just the right moment! This sort of thing is what they get into while I am busy at work.  Somehow they manage to make me laugh out loud every single day!

Bowie has since outgrown the cage and it has been moved out of the office into the garage.

I have a passion for snapping spontaneous photos of the peculiar, random and bizarre. I absolutely plan to share those photos here on my blog as well!

Don’t worry – the plan is to blog mostly about the events and designs I create and my experience creating them.  So you definitely will get your fill of “all things wedding!” 🙂

Eat. Sleep. Plan.