Lunch with Wolfgang Puck at the Museum of Contemporary Art

This past Thursday was the perfect day for an alfresco lunch date with Wolfgang Puck Catering’s Dustin Hamilton and Pamela Swisher at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Because Soirée is always looking to partner up with fabulous vendors in Chicago we could not be more excited to work with Wolfgang Puck in the future. Sitting outside on the elegant patio of the museum we couldn’t help imagining how great it would be to have a wedding at this space. With the view of the lake to the east and the majestic Hancock Building hovering overhead to the west it would be the perfect venue for the modern Chicago couple. Check out some of the pics we took below!

Post by: Melanie Enright, Soirée Intern Assistant

Guest Feature: Jersey Bean Design

Today I have a special treat!  I am passing the pen….(err…keyboard) over to my friend and talented colleague, Casie Stoltz of Jersey Bean Design.

I met Casie when visiting my friend in Austin, Texas.  She recommended that Casie make my rehearsal and wedding day hair accessories!  What I loved about her was that I was able to blend some of my ideas with some of her ideas.  The design process was a true collaboration.  And I love how the final product turned out.

My clients are inquiring more and more about all things “custom” –from logos to favors and, of course…. accessories!  What bride wouldn’t love a custom and personalized veil, hair accessory or garter?!  Well, Casie is your gal to create it for you!

So now I will turn it over to Casie… 🙂

Feathers, sparkles, flowers, silk….these are some of my favorite things.

My obsession for making things for people began when I was eight years old. I specifically remember in the 6th grade I would take too many orders for friendship bracelets from friends at school that would force my mom into staying up way past MY bedtime to help me complete them. I recently found my business “ledger” from when I was in elementary school to realize I still do business the same way…and yes, I still enlist my mother’s help for big projects…some things will never change!

Jersey Bean Design is named after my adored bunny rabbit Jersey Bean, who was a large source of my inspiration for ten years. I was in the UK for a friends wedding in Fall 2007 and noticed that there was a huge gap in chic, custom and well made hair pieces for weddings in the US….this is where the story begins. I returned home and immediately turned my dining room into a work space. People love having to move hot glue guns and glitter to eat! I started making headbands and custom gifts for friends and that quickly grew into garters, sashes, and veils. My favorite projects are repurposing previous generations garments and fabrics. I love taking something with so much history, love and memories and creating something that will have its own set of memories and be passed down to future generations.

One of the most meaningful projects I’ve had the honor of working on was taking a great grandmothers wedding dress and creating modern items for the bride to use on her big day. Covered buttons and lace became the centers of flowers used in the bridal bouquet, lace and ribbon from the dress was used for the garter, appliqués and flowers made into a hair piece and veil.

A new tradition that my friends from college have started is when one of us gets married I make a special garter for the bride to keep and the toss garter is one that is handed down from a previous wedding, so it always stays in the family. I love my friends and I am thankful that I can contribute to their magical day.

All of my creations are hand-made with rare materials such as vintage Chanel chain, one of a kind vintage earrings and feathers from all around the world. The look of Jersey Bean Design is multi-faceted and exciting, incorporating fun styles and inventive techniques, with an attention to detail and a desire for creative, rare, and inspired pieces. I draw my inspiration for JBD from my travels, love of high fashion, vintage, sustainable materials and my friends and family.

….I must be off, I have glittery birds and feathers calling my name for my next project! (Carrie Stoltz, thank you for always believing in me and my crazy ideas)

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photos by Cristina G PhotographyT. Wolf Photography and Cesar Rodriguez


Thanks to Casie Stoltz for sharing today!  Please leave any comments or questions for Casie below or email her directly! xo-tm