Meet the ladies behind Soirée: Ally

Ally Manor, Intern Assistant

Senior Picture 9

Signature Scent: “Chance by Chanel”

Accessory/Accessories: “Michael Kors watch, earrings”

Favorite Flower: “Lilys or Roses”

Polish: “OPI no chip, or Essie”

Describe a typical- and ideal- weekend when you are not striving to put on a fabulous wedding? “A perfect weekend would be one where I can relax with friends, enjoy some me time by running or getting outside, and go dancing!”

Sneakers: “Converse or Nikes”

Favorite Brands: “Michael Kors, Bare Minerals, Benefit”

Daily Reads: “Cosmopolitan, my daily horoscope 🙂 (GEMINI)”

Beauty trick your willing to share: “I recently bought a few new products I really love, I love experimenting with make up but also want to look as natural as possible. I love Tarte cheek stain and then Sun Beam by benefit which just highlights my cheek bones and leaves me glowy and it’s great for summer.”

Can’t live without: “Bad reality TV shows, or my phone GPS I would get very lost.”

With love by Alyssa

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