Meet the ladies behind Soirée: Melissa

Melissa Mitchell, Associate Coordinator 


What is your signature scent?  “Amber Romance by Victoria’s Secret”

Accessory/Accessories?  “Earring, Necklaces, Bracelets and Shoes.  I can’t pick just one – they’re all a go to every day.”

Favorite flower?  “Lilacs”

Your go to polish?  “Grey in the winter and bright yellow in the summer.  Usually Essie, sometimes OPI.”

Describe a typical- and ideal- weekend when you are not striving to put on a fabulous wedding:  “Get up early(ish) after sleeping at least 8 hours, enjoy a cup of English Breakfast tea in the sun on my balcony while reading a book, followed by a run/bike ride/yoga class.  Make a quick lunch, then stroll around the city.  Have a yummy dinner with my husband and friends at a non-assuming restaurant, after which we’d get a couple drinks or see a movie.  Wash, rinse, and repeat.”

Sneakers?  “Only when working out.”

Favorite Brands?  “J Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, West Elm, Target, Kate Spade”

Daily Reads?  “Style Me Pretty, Young House Love, What I Wore, Women’s Health, Purl Bee, and Darling Dexter”

Beauty trick your willing to share?  “Make putting lotion on your chest and your neck a necessary part of your beauty routine.  They have thin skin like your face, but rarely get love, so they’ll give away your age long before your face does!”

Ideal Vacation?  “My ideal vacation is a getaway that can teach me something and involves a city or landscape that I can explore.  I want to see new things, experience different culture, witness the beauty of nature and leave technology and my every day life behind. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been and marvel at God’s beauty, creativity, and people.”


With love by Alyssa.

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