Beauty for a Bride.

It’s a month before your wedding day and your skin isn’t exactly aglow. If your dying for some new secrets we have just the right amount for you! We are currently obsessed with natural “at home” beauty remedies. This speed guide will have you indulging in all the necessary to look extra fabulous on your wedding day!

1. Brighten your smile: Mash one ripe strawberry with 1/2 tsp. baking soda. Apply mixture to teeth, let sit for 5 minutes, rinse then brush as usual.

DIY Facemask

2. Heal acne & reduce scars: Mix 1/3 cup of hot white tea with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (let cool). Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to acne flareups & scars, rinse off after 30 minutes. This mixture will help restore PH balance, remove impurities & clear pores!

3. Treat dry skin: Mash 1/2 avocado and combine with 1/4 cup honey and 3/4 cup yogurt. Apply mask mixture to clean face and let sit for 10 minutes, rinse with gentle face soap and wash cloth. –You will most definitely be saying hello to smooth and moist skin after this treatment! All three of these ingredients combined will soften your face and neck and improve redness.


4. Anti cellulite scrub: (it is best to do this one in the shower) 1/2 cup coffee + a little bit of hot water until you get a paste. In a circular motion massage the affected areas for 5 minutes. Rinse when finished with cold water. The cold water will shrink your pores and make your skin tighter!

And to save the best for last…

5. Coconut oil: Our favorite daily beauty regimen by far! It can be used for an all-over moisturizer + eight other ways.

-For dry & damaged hair: Work into damaged ends a half hour before showering

-Glossy, shiny Locks & Frizz: After you wash, dry and style, rub a small amount into the palms of your hands then work it in.

-Exfoliating facial scrub: Mix with an equal amount of baking soda and massage in circular motions into your face. Rinse with warm water

-Dark elbow patches: Run in every morning and night until desired results are seen!

-Dry scalp: Before bed – Part your hair one section at a time and rub coconut oil into scalp.  Repeat the process for your entire head then massage for a few minutes to work it in. Comb out any tangles that occur and then put on a shower cap. Keep the treatment on overnight and then wash in the morning. Note: this may take up to 5 weeks before dryness is gone.


You’ll be ready for your wedding day in no time!

With love by Alyssa.

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