Happy Anniversary Megan & Mitch!

Happy Anniversary to Megan & Mitch who tied the knot at Lincoln Park Conservatory! It was a beautiful day to celebrate. The reception was held at The Murphy.

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May the two of you have many more years filled with everlasting love and happiness!!



All photos by Anthony Yoon Photography

Champagne with Lazaro

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress and what it’s going to look like…but a chance to meet the designer of the dress you wore…that’s priceless.  I was honored to be invited to the Bella Bianca, Gold Coast, Lazaro trunk show last night.

Lazaro at Bella Bianca

photo courtesy of Bella Bianca

I purchased my Lazaro dress from Bella Bianca in 2009, for my May 2010 wedding.  (Yes ladies, you must give yourselves at least 6 months of lead time when ordering a wedding gown!)

Cristina G Photography

Cristina G Photography

I was wooed by the Alençon lace and the silk petals that floated down the back of the strapless, sheath gown.  The wedding day came and went so fast, you really have only about (give or take) 12 hours with your gown.  Now it’s preserved and sitting in a box in my closet.  I often gaze at photos from the wedding remembering this classic, lace beauty!

Cristina G Photography

Cristina G Photography

Cristina G Photography

Cristina G Photography

So when I was invited to this event, I jumped at the opportunity!  Who wouldn’t want to sip on champagne among gorgeous couture gowns, while mingling with friends…and, uh, Lazaro!?

I just had to meet him and get him to sign a photo of my dress!  I couldn’t wait to chat with him and thank him for designing my perfect dress!

lazaro and tiff

And of course, snap a few pics! 😉

lazaro framedlazaro best wishesNow it’s hanging next to my closet so I can look at it every day!

Left there feeling inspired and elevated! Such a fun night and awesome opportunity!


Field Museum Picnic

What a perfect day for a museum picnic! Today we were tickled to be invited to Food For Thought’s Picnic at The Field Museum. All done on the terrace, we were wined and dined with an amazing menu of Pomegranate Glazed Poussin, Grilled Soft Shell Crab, Grilled Pork Belly, Roasted Veggie Ratatouille, and for dessert: Peach Cobbler, Cherry Clafouts, and FFT Churros.  Picture 11 Picture 12

Picture 14The apple and berry pie to-go were delish!

It was a gorgeous way to spend a Thursday afternoon in the sun!

With love by Alyssa.

Beauty for a Bride.

It’s a month before your wedding day and your skin isn’t exactly aglow. If your dying for some new secrets we have just the right amount for you! We are currently obsessed with natural “at home” beauty remedies. This speed guide will have you indulging in all the necessary to look extra fabulous on your wedding day!

1. Brighten your smile: Mash one ripe strawberry with 1/2 tsp. baking soda. Apply mixture to teeth, let sit for 5 minutes, rinse then brush as usual.

DIY Facemask

2. Heal acne & reduce scars: Mix 1/3 cup of hot white tea with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (let cool). Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to acne flareups & scars, rinse off after 30 minutes. This mixture will help restore PH balance, remove impurities & clear pores!

3. Treat dry skin: Mash 1/2 avocado and combine with 1/4 cup honey and 3/4 cup yogurt. Apply mask mixture to clean face and let sit for 10 minutes, rinse with gentle face soap and wash cloth. –You will most definitely be saying hello to smooth and moist skin after this treatment! All three of these ingredients combined will soften your face and neck and improve redness.


4. Anti cellulite scrub: (it is best to do this one in the shower) 1/2 cup coffee + a little bit of hot water until you get a paste. In a circular motion massage the affected areas for 5 minutes. Rinse when finished with cold water. The cold water will shrink your pores and make your skin tighter!

And to save the best for last…

5. Coconut oil: Our favorite daily beauty regimen by far! It can be used for an all-over moisturizer + eight other ways.

-For dry & damaged hair: Work into damaged ends a half hour before showering

-Glossy, shiny Locks & Frizz: After you wash, dry and style, rub a small amount into the palms of your hands then work it in.

-Exfoliating facial scrub: Mix with an equal amount of baking soda and massage in circular motions into your face. Rinse with warm water

-Dark elbow patches: Run in every morning and night until desired results are seen!

-Dry scalp: Before bed – Part your hair one section at a time and rub coconut oil into scalp.  Repeat the process for your entire head then massage for a few minutes to work it in. Comb out any tangles that occur and then put on a shower cap. Keep the treatment on overnight and then wash in the morning. Note: this may take up to 5 weeks before dryness is gone.


You’ll be ready for your wedding day in no time!

With love by Alyssa.

Breakfast and Tiffany’s…

Today, I was lucky enough to start off my day with an early morning tour of the Tiffany Exhibition at the Driehaus Museum, followed by a light breakfast at The Murphy, catered by Blue Plate.

Driehaus Tiffany Dome

Colorful Tiffany Lamps, a beautiful colored glass dome and lovely architecture greeted us, then we passed through the connected hallways over to the main ballroom of The Murphy.

Parfaits, french toast bites, berries and biscotti graced the beautiful spread by Blue Plate!

Tiffany Lamp Driehaus

Driehaus strairway
the murphy

A great start to a gorgeous summer day!


Chicago Style Weddings Magazine, New Edition!

Last night we celebrated the launch of Chicago Style Weddings September/October 2013 Magazine issue! We could not be happier about our “British Invasion” Designer’s Challenge Feature! It was all about “bold colors, hard lines and the iconic Union Jack.”

photo photo-1 photo-2The party was hosted at The Hyatt Chicago, Magnificent Mile.  All of Chicago’s best wedding vendors were there – such a treat!  Great mingling with friends and enjoying the newest edition of the magazine.  Check out pages 254 and 255! 😉


Vera Wang 2014 Bridal Collection

The queen of bridal fashion has shocked us yet again. Vera Wang has embraced drama with a whole new place this year! Black and White is a hot hot trend and do we dare say “could it be because of Vera”? For her Spring 2014 bridal collection she presented each lovely silhouette with accents of black. You’ll see brides in long black leather gloves, ruffled black roses, tight black corsets, black geometric patterns and bits of black detail in lace. Bold. Statement. Fierce. Edgy. Daring. All come to mind when thinking about her amazing new collection.

Her unusual combination of color is not the only thing that has our attention. It’s the additional use of geometric inserts – seat belts, cut out shapes and high black gloves!! Of course you’ll be able to order your Vera Wang in all white/ivory but we are dying to know if you’d dare to wear the black and white!?!!


Simple and sleek. Substitute your accessories for some long leathers.


Chic and edgy. All in one!

VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-171 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-16 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-15 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-14 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-13 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-12 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-10

Love a bride with a bit of peplum!

Love a bride with a bit of peplum!


The perfect bridal elegance of white and black combined.

The perfect bridal elegance of white and black combined.


Corsets aren't just for evening and under garment wear anymore! Brides-be-ware.

Corsets aren’t just for evening and under garment wear anymore! Brides-be-ware.

VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-3 VW-Bride_SS14_runway_Look-2

The "seat belt" element comes into designer here and we just love what she has done to edge up the bride!

The “seat belt” element comes into design here and we just love what she has done to edge up the bride.

Happy Anniversary Lisa & David!

Happy First Year Anniversary to Lisa & David! A perfect wedding to celebrate around our Independence Day!

4th of July

4th of July Wed4th of July Wed/Comic 4th of July

The ceremony and reception were held at Kitchen Chicago.

4th of July/comicHave a fabulous Anniversary you two!!! We wish you all the love and happiness! Cheers!