Last Night Was Hot!

Last night our team was thrilled to attend the 3rd annual Lettuce Entertain You wedding planner dinner at Nacional 27. Hosted jointly by LEYE and Revel Decor, we welcomed in the first hot, hot, HOT day of 2013 with some true Latin flair.

The mojito bar mixed up 3 different flavors of mojito, your traditional, a spicy habanero Lillet number and a mojito made with ginger beer and whiskey (not your run of the mill cocktail options at all!), while delicious appetizers were passed. (With one hand gripping my mojito and another snagging the fabulous apps, I entirely forgot to snap a picture!)

As we took our seats we snacked on chips with salsa, guacamole and roasted corn fundido before digging into the main eats. The decor from Revel was stunning, and the conversations flowed as smoothly as the mojitos and margaritas. For dessert, the tres leches cake and chocolate mousse were truly divine.

LEYE really knows how to host a party, and this was no different. Need to host a bachelorette, shower, rehearsal dinner or even wedding anytime soon? I guarantee you they’ve got a space that’s just perfect for your needs. How do I know? Easy — because last night was absolutely the perfect way to welcome in this spring/summer hybrid that’s coming Chicago’s way.

photo image_1

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