Chicago’s newest hot spot: RPM Italian

Wednesday night, I joined some of the best wedding planners in the City for one of the best meals of my life. Have you been to RPM? If not, go. And I mean RUN there. An acronym for the owners’ last names (Rancic, Psaltis and Melman), it could have just as easily stood for Really Perfect Meal. Lettuce Entertain You hosted all of us for an Annual Wedding Planner Dinner.  We enjoyed an interesting discussion from Paul McGee (acclaimed RPM mixologist) on signature cocktails, the options of serving a his/hers and the importance of the type of ice — did you know that the larger the ice cubes, the less the dilution of the drink? Makes sense, but I never stopped sipping to think about it before!

After the delish drink discussion we dived head first into the dinner. I would/should/could have had some amazing photos but I was too busy devouring bites from every single dish. From creamy Homemade Ricotta and Semolina Toast to a shredded Brussels Sprouts and Avocado salad to start we quickly segued into the Maine Lobster Ravioli, Potato Gnocchi with Sunday Gravy and the freshest Arugula Pesto Strozzapreti ever tasted, ending with perfectly seared Big Eye Tuna and Eggplant Parmesan. I ate my way through Italy, all while having some delightful conversations about work, play, life and of course weddings.

The restaurant itself is gorgeous. Modern yet classic. Bright yet romantic. It was a Wednesday — and I felt lucky to have a table. Let’s just say this place is always hopping, and rightfully so. It does, however, offer ample private dining space making it the perfect place for a rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, engagement party or shower.

The room we sat in was decorated with the most beautiful orchid display from Clint and his team from Revel Decor. So beautiful I couldn’t help but take a photo. (But again this was the only photo of the night — and taken well before the feast was served).

 Lettuce Entertain You never ceases to impress, amaze and satiate me. Stay tuned for some more of their concepts in the works too — and when they open, feel free to bring me along as your date!

(So excited to hit up Paris Club and Big Bowl with some discounts/special offers from the swag bag. Also some beautiful thank you cards from Sacha Krasney at Be U Brides).

Post by: Molly Blonn, Soirée Associate Coordinator

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